Let The Dream Begin
                          At LeClub Lair
Le Club Lair was  formed by myself, Lady Rose, and The Ladies Of  The Lair, out of  our love  for the most  stunningly beautiful and romantic  fantasy  film we have ever seen, Andrew Lloyd Webber and Joel Schumacher's  spectacular 2004  musical, The PhantomOf  TheOpera.
The film captured our hearts and minds,  from the moment the magnificent Swarovski chandelier rose slowly to the ceiling to the music of the incredible organ overture, as the beautiful Paris Opera House came back to life before our very eyes. This opening scene was breathtaking,  so wonderfully dramatic, and electrifying.
Followed by the most magical scenes of visual beauty and design, and melliflous romantic lyrics and music, which will live in our memories  forever. We sat enchanted by this captivating, seductive  fantasy  film of  great imagination, passion, and ultimately, such sadness, our eyes were constantly  filled with tears, heartbroken  for The Phantom left alone, an ending we all wanted so desperately to change.We were well and  truly stunned, as we had never been stunned before.There will never be another film quite like this lavish, beautiful, and spectacular one; it is old-style Hollywood movie making in its  finest  form.
So thank-you Joel  for your incredible  foresight and  for giving us a  film and Phantom, beyond our imagination and to ALW,  Gerard, Emmy, Patrick, Minnie, Jennifer and all of the amazing cast and  production crew,  for you made our spirits soar as they have never soared before!  We are forever grateful to you all,  for lovingly creating this once in a lifetime masterpiece, that we dearly love so much.
The Le Club Lair was also formed, out of our admiration  for the very talented, charismatic, sexy and handsome Scottish actor who played the mesmerzingly sensual and heartbreaking Phantom, Mr. Gerard Butler.
Our wish at Le Club Lair, is to support our favourite actor Gerard Butler in his career and to keep our favourite film alive at the same time, by talking about them both whenever and wherever we can to reach new fans,  for we feel Gerard and this amazing  film did not get the recognition and exposure they truly deserved.  We sincerely believe in our hearts that The PhantomOf TheOpera will become a cult classic over time and will be Gerard's best loved  film. 
At Le Club Lair we hope to provide a home where Ladies who admire Gerard, his  films, and The Phantom Of The Opera, can come together in a friendly, supportive, and fun atmosphere.  We also hope to hold events, such as the lovely Phantom Film Screenings and Charity Dinners held in Westwood at the Crest Theatre, by our very own Lady Martha and other fans of Gerard's, at the same time planning  future Phantom Extravaganzas to keep The Dream alive, with proceeds going to Gerard's chosen charities. 
We hope to support other worthwhile causes such as Trees For Life, helping to restore the beautiful Caledonian Forest of Scotland, which started out as a birthday gift campaign for Gerard initiated by our very own Lady Peigi and his generous worldwide fans. A special Phantom Phorest will soon be planted alongside Gerard's Grove and both will be dedicated to Gerard and the  film we love, keeping the memory of them linked together  forever, at the request of The Ladies Of The Lair and Phantom Fans all over the world.
We bid you  welcome and hope you enjoy The Candlelit World of The Exclusive Le Club Lair, where The Music Of The Night will never be over.
                                             Lady Rose
                                   The Ladies Of The Lair