The PhantomOf TheOpera
                             Gerard Butler

From the very  first moment the charismatic Gerard Butler appeared on the cinema screen, as the enigmatic and mesmerizing PhantomOf The Opera, many of us were stunned as never before; he completely captivated us all, visually and emotionally. A magnificent sight, in his strikingly elegant dark costume and long  flowing cape, with sensuous black leather gloves and mysterious white mask.We suddenly  found ourselves wishing it were us being taken so romantically and seductively down to the magnificent candlelit Lair by this tall, majestic, handsome and hypnotic man. He made us open up our minds and let our darker sides give in, to his intoxicating and sensual music of the night, as we watched the loveliest  fantasy scenes ever to appear on film.


He was also imposing as Red Death, slowly descending the opera staircase, dressed in red with military sword, at the lavish and opulent Masquerade Ball, so powerful, sexy and commanding. Then as the very passionate Don Juan, slowly appearing from behind the luxuriously braided opera curtains, he was just the most handsome, sensual and erotic image  imaginable in striking costume and panther like black mask. His smouldering dark looks, bedroom eyes and electrifying sexual  performance had us lusting like never before. 'Can We Ever Forget That Sight'.


However, it was not just his stunning appearance  we admired; Gerard gave such a charismatic and deeply moving performance. that we  felt  for the Phantom like never before. Although hidden behind  leather masks and disfigurement, his naturally expressive face, full of emotion and soft pleading eyes, said it all. He  filled us with uncontrollable tears, watching his sadness and disappointment on the opera rooftop and then the heartbreaking and unforgettable  final lair scene, when his real tears  streaming down his unmasked face, just melted our hearts. Whether he was being romantic, passionate, commanding, frightening or  pitifully vulnerable and broken, he played every part  to perfection and it was a very special performance  from beginning to end.

Gerard put his heart and soul into the role, no-one could have given more, He truly understood the character, deeply feeling the pain, loneliness, frustration and rage of the Phantom. He later admitted in an interview, he nearly killed himself  in the part. taking himself to the very edge and beyond, 'spending months listening to the saddest notes in my soul and crying all the time.' What more could be asked of any actor, or indeed any man.
On top of all that he had to learn to sing  for the role, although he did have what Andrew Lloyd Webber described as ' a natural rock tenor voice.' which actually suited the part well. All the hard work and suffering, eventually culminated in an extremely powerful, charismatic, passionate, sensitive and heartbreakingly memorable performance, that will live in our hearts and minds  forever.
So Thank you Gerard, for so successfully taking on the role of a lifetime, for making our song take flight, our fantasies unwind and for being a Phantom beyond our imagination 

                  For us Gerard Butler is and will always be

                     The PhantomOf TheOpera